对于信誉最好的网投十大平台和许多其他学院和大学来说,男女同校是生死攸关的问题. 当 西奥多·戴维奇·洛克伍德48年 7月1日成为总统, 1968, he had three major challenges: reviewing and reworking the curriculum, improving the college’s financial situation, and determining whether Trinity could continue to thrive as a men’s college. 学院院长罗伯特·富勒(Robert Fuller)立即带头评估录取女性的选择, 写一封有说服力的推荐信,支持将女性纳入学生群体. Facing a dip in applications and the wave of schools going coed, 未来是明确的:学院需要迅速采取行动,在竞争对手之前录取优秀的女性候选人.  

Kirk Marckwald ’69 was among a handful of students selected to serve on the Committee on Coeducation that Lockwood convened in the fall of 1968. “这样做的动机是为了让一个小学院保持其地位,吸引优秀的教授和优秀的学生,马克瓦尔德回忆道, now founder and principal of California Environmental Associates. “的 big question was whether the trustees would go for it. 的re were a couple of pretty juicy meetings. At one, outside of Boston, a few trustees needed to be convinced that taking this step would not be the end of a meaningful football program. While we all wanted to have a good football program, it seemed a preposterous view. 这对体育项目有什么影响? 很明显, 这并没有影响到学校,但具有讽刺意味的是,这些年来,女子体育项目的发展加快了,给学校带来了荣誉.” 

写在 三一三脚架 “里面” section in December 1968, David Sarasohn ’71, then features editor of 三脚架 (现在是前者 编辑专栏作家 在俄勒冈州的), 我是这么说的:虽然纯粹的学术原因令人信服,但社会必要性可能更为重要.他接着说, “……这所大学的课外活动状况令人遗憾”,在“周五和周六的晚上,校园里大约有一半的人带着女人以非法的速度奔向校园,而“另一半人则在宿舍里生闷气,自怨自艾”.” 

事实上,早在20世纪20年代,女性就已经作为研究生进入了校园. 四十多年后, 1969年春天, 信誉最好的网投十大平台的第一批女本科生是通过与瓦萨学院的交换项目来到信誉最好的网投十大平台的. “在我看来,这没什么大不了的,这表明这没什么大不了的,”马克瓦尔德回忆道. “他们都是聪明、有才华的人,有很好的想法,并在讨论中做出了很好的贡献.” 

1973年的乔伊斯·克里尼斯基是其中之一 106 female first-years in the Class of 1973, 还有49名女转校生, statistics noted by former college archivist Peter Knapp ’65 in his authoritative tome, 二十世纪的信誉最好的网投十大平台. “It was very competitive to get into Trinity,克里尼斯基回忆道, a teacher who later became a real estate agent. “实际上,他们给家长们写了一封信,在信中他们说,每10名女性中只有1名是他们收养的.” 

Krinitsky says she remembers a harsh climate. 她回忆道:“如果你一个人走进餐厅大厅吃晚饭,你会听到一片嘘声。. “Something sparked real distress in some men on campus. 的y had a protest sleep-out on the quad that was featured on the front page of 哈特福德报.” 

Jan Gimar ’73 notes there was resistance among some of the upper-year students. “的re were those who just wanted things the way they had been, 但幸运的是,这种情况并不普遍,吉玛说。, 他的职业生涯是什么 他是美国童子军的主管 

不仅仅是学生. “我认为,很多习惯了在单性别环境下工作的教师都有点吃惊,萨拉索恩回忆道.  

在Gimar的例子中, he sought a coed school; indeed, he would not have applied to Trinity had the school remained single sex. “我希望那里有女人,他说, 带着喜爱的心情回忆起他在惠顿大学宿舍里那群亲密无间的男女同学. 

Alyson Adler ’73, an attorney, recalls coed dorm life with both humor and fondness. 她回忆说 1969年,住在宿舍里的女性想方设法绕过为男性设计的浴室,享受男女之间的开放通道. “的re was no barrier that would keep a guy from wandering through at any time. It was a coed dorm in every way,” she says. “A lot of schools that went coed didn’t go that far. 与当时其他男女同校的学校相比,信誉最好的网投十大平台完全接受男女同校.” 

While Adler remembers sexism on campus, she doesn’t recall it as onerous. “In class, I never felt marginalized or intimidated. I was accepted by my professors, by the guys in my classes. 我感觉很舒服,”她说. 

Krinitsky says she thought about transferring but decided to stay. “As the year went along, I was making friends and getting happier. Despite challenges with some of the faculty, I liked where I was academically.”  

Time—and numbers—also worked on the side of coeducation. “我们大多数1969年和大一新生一起入学的人都很苦恼和担心,因为第一年之后就有很多女生离开了,吉玛回忆道。, who now is vice president of the Class of 1973. 虽然学校没有统计数据来核实转学的女性人数, 每年都有新的女学生. “Every year it got better because the girls had reinforcements. 的 numbers made the difference by senior year.”  

科妮莉亚"科妮"索恩伯格,80年, who today serves as the college’s first female chair of the Board of Trustees, looks back in awe at the first women who enrolled at Trinity. “Those early classes of women were behavioral engineers, although I doubt they would refer to themselves as such,索恩伯格说。. “当 I arrived on the scene in 1976 as a first-year—then still called a fresh男人- - - - - -concerns over lavatory configurations had turned to other more meaningful matters. 这牵涉到教育法第九条, 运动队必须分配资源, all-male fraternities devised ways to incorporate females into their social lives, classroom discussion had a greater breadth, and even course offerings began to incorporate new titles like gender studies. 

“It’s easy to call these events evolutionary or an obvious natural progression, 但我想说的是,大约50年前,在我们近200年的历史中引入女性是一项行为设计的伟大实验,改变了这所大学的本质,索恩伯格说。. 

这种转变不仅导致女学生占学生总数的一半,几乎占教师总数的一半,而且还导致女学生进入了学院的最高层. In addition to Thornburgh serving as chair of the Board of Trustees since 2014, 该校的第一位女校长, 乔安妮Berger-Sweeney, 同年开始掌舵. And the Student Government Association (SGA) currently is led by a female student, Schnadig家庭学者 克里斯蒂娜 德国美诺公司的19.  

伯格-斯威尼认为,这些女性领导人为学院提供了一个重要的新视角. “很明显,当女性在一个历史上一直由男性领导的组织中担任行政领导角色时,她们带来了新的视角,她解释道. “Research shows that women are often viewed as more aspirational, 善解人意, 授权他人, 作为领导者更有合作精神. 如果你问校园选民, they probably would say that I push our faculty, 工作人员, 学生们也应该少些防备, 更多的合作, and more creative—taking chances when making important decisions. 我还认为,他们会认为我在信誉最好的网投十大平台的领导没有那么等级森严,在实践中更具包容性, 不仅仅是修辞上的包容. I also ask questions that may not have been asked before in the organization.” 

例如, 伯格-斯威尼上任后的第一步就是缩小校园性行为不端的处理范围. 探讨所涉及的问题, she organized and headed Trinity’s Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct. “工作组促使我们修改和澄清政策,并考虑影响校园气氛的其他问题. 我与大学牧师艾利森·里德和学生生活办公室合作,发起了社区运动. This campaign empowered student leaders to build a stronger, more inclusive community on campus and to hold their peers accountable. 这项活动的工作也帮助制定了我们战略计划中的许多学生生活倡议, 峰会,她解释道. 

在学生会层面, Miele是女性开拓者之一, serving as only the seventh female SGA president at Trinity. “和管理人员一起工作,确保我被学生团体认真对待,这有点吓人,米勒说。, 反思性别如何影响她的角色. “It’s a thought, but I try not to let it be an issue. 总有更多的事情要做. 我认为,当涉及到性骚扰时,保持对话的开放性总是很重要的, 身体羞辱, 以及女性赋权. 总有改进的余地.” 

当伯格-斯威尼沉思信誉最好的网投十大平台女性领袖的影响以及以她们为榜样的女学生时,她最关心的是女性如何看待自己. “I do hope to inspire our women students to help others,” she says. 她说:“我认为女性可以建立人际网络,努力让身后的女性生活得更好. If I could have a small influence on women here, to lead by example and give them more confidence in their ability, 我觉得我在信誉最好的网投十大平台和高等教育方面会有很大的不同.” 

信誉最好的网投十大平台的男女同校先驱们在1969年来到这里时并没有很多女性榜样, 她们目睹并参与了学院作为一个欢迎女性的环境的演变. Though in some ways troubled by the atmosphere that greeted her in 1969, 克里尼斯基开始真正爱上了这所大学. She currently is serving her third term as president of her class, 是否担任过其他校友高管职位, and has donated to the college for more than 30 consecutive years. 

I think it is very important for people to know that we did not walk blithely into open arms of admiration and affection. It was a hostile atmosphere,” Krinitsky says. “但它变了,我们也变了,(我们的经历)帮助塑造了我们,也帮助塑造了这所大学.” 


Female students, class of 1971, in a dorm room at 信誉最好的网投十大平台.