At Trinity, the study of political science is much more than an academic window into the distant forces that shape our world. Here, political science is infused with the vitality inherent in three-dimensional study and firsthand experience.

Trinity’s faculty members encourage and advise students across the disciplines, and the political science curriculum is designed to provide majors with the larger context, an understanding of the complexities that mark life on this planet. Integral to this vision is an appreciation for the evolution of political ideas that have molded human events, institutions, and systems; the sources of conflict among local, national, and international groups; and the political techniques employed to resolve such conflicts. Key to gaining that appreciation is a strong grasp of the four areas the department defines as subfields: American government and politics; comparative politics; international relations; and political theory.

The College’s nationally respected Legislative Internship program was devised especially for students who seek to observe politics and government firsthand. Our students find that when it comes to political science, there is no better place to be than in a city, and, even more specifically, within a capital city. Trinity’s location in Hartford is literally minutes from the seats of both state and local government, making a variety of real-world experiences possible.

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